Monday, March 5, 2012

Goth/Chick Tag?

Who would have thought that butterflies and sculls could go so well together with the right colors.

This tag involves a lot of elements too it and nothing to do with the Cricut.

Paper and embellishments are all you need along with adhesive and red tape.

These beautiful hand made butterflies are made by Deanna.  She is part of our craft community.  You may know her from Facebook  with her awesome eggs that she decorates.  She is a gal of many talents.

These butterflies come in different sizes and are inexpensive and wonderful quality..  They add a great design element to any project.  To check Deanna G. out on Etsy go to:
Here is my tag:

Hugs and Blessing,


  1. Ohhhhh love the tag! Awesome job!

  2. ty Nicole. I was not sure how it wold turn out once I started it. :D


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