Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Mini Album Using an Acrylic Base

Oh my gosh have I missed my scrap room.  It felt relaxing to go in there and use my imagination.  I have been so busy with the holidays and getting more hours at work that I have not had time to craft.  I think I may have to start scheduling things in advance now.  That is okay though. lol

With the time that I have found the during the last week, I have slowly put together this really cute winter mini using Christmas goodies.  Sorry this is not a tutorial but I have not had the time.  I hope it gives you inspiration non the less and that you all had a great Christmas and received lots of crafting  goodies to play with.



  1. So super cute! Love all the little embellishments. You are going to love your gypsy and wonder how you ever lived without:) Happy New Year:)


  2. So cute! I agree about the Gypsy - I love mine and I was soooooo against getting one at first. :)

  3. This is a super cute mini. Where did you get the acrylic? I miss kinda stopped that for awhile. But I still have so much I need to use up.
    Happy New Year...warm hugs, Debi

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  5. very cute mini album! I have not dne one yet, but I am going to try to attempt it this year! happy new year! Hugs! Dina


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